What symptoms do you suffer from?

I’m having issues with paranoid delusions and memory.

Which symptoms are you currently dealing with?

What are you doing to try and get past them?

Please share! :upside_down_face:

Tiredness, sleepiness, low energy, and low drive.

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Occasional thought broadcasting and thought reception when triggered. Occasional paranoia. Pretty much constant anxiety and also performance anxiety when performing. Daily delusions of reference.

My delusions and hallucinations went away completely when I got back on medication in 2008. My only symptoms I have that I notice are lack of feelings, cognitive slow down, tiredness.

All of them just on a much smaller level

Lately, command hallucinations :angry:

I hope you can someday find the right meds. My command hallucinations have reduced significantly since starting seroquel. I was on seroquel and haldol at one point, but it’s been the same since stopping the haldol and increasing the seroquel.


At the moment I’m doing well.

Have occasional depression or lack of motivation or anxiety

and occasionally also thought insertion or voices but the meds help a lot with that.

I have no f’in motivation for life. I am paranoid. Just upped my Haldol dosage and it’s making me more lazy.

I don’t even know. Tactile hallucinations, concentration problems, memory problems, lots of negatives, side effects from meds, occasional voices coming from the tv,…

I have mostly auditory but my main problem is the emotional pain

I see shadow people and feel it when they touch me they call it tactile hallucinations. Also thought broadcasting where people hear my thoughts.

My positive symptoms are more or less under control thanks to my medication. However, i still have some residual negative symptoms such as lack of motivation, lack of drive, self-neglect, etc.

Loss of interest and pleasure. Low motivation. Feeling very disconnected emotionally and socially.

lack motivation, avolition, loss of interest, lack focus, low energy, occasional auditory hallucinations. occasional euphoric periods.

use to be high energy, motivated, and positive symptoms.

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