What Sup ? Who wants to chat for a while, it is Monday again

Lazy monday. I went to see my optician and my eyes’ have gotten worse with -4,5 each Meyopic.
I think in a couple years I might do laser, if it gets worse and who knows, by that time :smile:

I am excited for the future… and feeling better. My sleep schedule is a little messed up but it’s gonna be okay.

What are you up to? what did you eat today and such?

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I slipped and fell completely OUT of the shower the other day! I was covered in soap and shampoo, and everything went flying all over the place…a real garage sale!

Fortunately, my cat-like reflexes saved me as I managed to land on my shoulder which took most of the fall. I’m still really sore today, though.

Oh sorry about that :disappointed: Hope you will recover safely.
Did you put a towel on the floor in front of the shower and a non slip mat inside the shower? :anger_right:

My wife had taken the non-slip mat out to clean it…that’s why I fell. It’s back now.

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well :smile: good luck next time. Hope you are well

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Do you need glasses?

Glasses can look ‘hot’ on women…can cover up bags under your eyes as well.

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I had kind of a lazy Monday, too. It’s Memorial Day here in the U.S., a federal holiday, so I didn’t have to teach. All I did today was go to the gym - wasn’t there too long, worked out for just over an hour - and picked up a few groceries. I’m thinking about going to bed soon, even though it’s only around 9:30pm where I am, partly out of boredom. I suppose I could put in a DVD, maybe watch one in bed. I’m also thinking of fixing myself a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate syrup on it, great combination! :grin:


:smile: Not good for the extra pounds mate! Hehe. I will start gym in a day or two.

Lol, yeah I don’t have ice cream often, so it’s a treat for me, gotta do that once in a while. :wink:

If you have laser eye surgery, will your eyes continue to degrade as they age and you’ll just need to start wearing glasses again? Or is it supposed to be a permanent fix?

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I’m having a margarita and I made WPTs (white people tacos).

Very, very tired today. Haven’t slept properly in days.

actually I had double chocolate yogourt ice cream too. :smile:

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Oh sorry about that :disappointed:
I am having jack daniels with soda… strange combination… Only a light drink to chill.

Not sure what white people tacos are but I had a very healthy small size vegan sandwich.

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I am not sure how it works… My friend had about -4 Meyop and she did a laser surgery and she is fine, it has been 2 years. She does check ups once a year I think.

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It’s pretty much any tacos made by white people, but in my case, green salsa cooked with chicken, lime, tequila and seasonings.

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that sounds Delish! I should buy tequila too… I am planning to make a rum chocolate cake tomorrow with ingredients I brought from Dominican Republic. Their Cocoa is supposed to be awesome! I need a good recipe.

Do you have a heavy chocolate rum cake recipe?

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I don’t, but allrecipies.com is a good place to look.

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