What song u humming to right now

This is a remash/remix of a linkin park song. I have it on repeat right now.

Click on “listen in browser” to hear it.

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Like it. Always been a fan of linkin park


My mind is wasted. hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work we go. hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho

with accompanying images of a batik I once made a coffin carried by 7 dwarves and Snow White inside.

Stuff like this goes on inside. my head. I don’t usually capture it.

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I’m humming along to the tunes on the radio.

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Wow. I swear to god this has been the most superstitious day of my life n I was just thinkin about superstitions there fore I checked this

Levan Polkka

Listen at your own risk! Then try to get this little polka tune out of your head. :grin:

Acapella with Finnish lyrics. :microphone: :smile:
(with a leek as the lyrics prompter)

Dancing with leeks. :dancer: :rofl:


The only cool version of this song. :metal: :sunglasses:

Radio head - I’m a creep

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