What song reminds you of your first episode of psychosis

in the year 2000 this song reminds me of my first break!!

i have many more i will post


this song was a punch in the brain

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Korn “Untouchables” came out when I when I getting really bad and falling apart. I was listening to a lot of Korn back then.

I had the C.D. in my car playing full blast as I was driving like a maniac with my sis in the car running away from people who I thought were chasing us… (there wasn’t anyone chasing us)


“Where have all the flowers gone” sang live by Marlene Dietrich, both in English and Geman language. It was very sad and hard time for me, when i feel very lonely a I knew, that nothing will ever be the same.

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I think the song One Reason by Fade is a good theme for my first episode

because we different we are speical

This is the closet thing I get to expressing my mania in song

This song was on the radio a lot + pertained indirectly to me in a stretch of my imagination. I was 18.

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Youngest brother of the BeeGees.This was a huge hit when I first started getting sick in 1980. It was mainly for girl teeny-boppers, but strictly musically-speaking it’s a catchy tune. I just used to see Andy Gibb on talk shows and think how great it must be for him to be that good-looking. The poor guy had everything: looks, money, power, fame, popularity. He died in his twenties of a cocaine over-dose.

Save me with AX7.

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Lol., here’s the link.

‘Bring Me To Life’ by Evanescence. When I had my first breakdown, I used to write Evanescence lyrics on my bedroom walls.

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.” Johnny something and “Alone again naturally”. I can’t remember his name. Give me a minute and I’ll come up with their names.

I was listening to this when I got my first PE

Korn - Blind ( Music Video)

I have no tattoos or piercings, and appear clean cut. Its the intensity that draws me in…

I have another good one too

Followed by 2 suicide attempts in 6 months :disappointed_relieved:

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