🎵 What song are you listening to right now? - Part 7





This song/video has been out for two months, but I’m just now hearing it; I like it. Waylon Reavis is one of my favorite metal frontmen; he was in Mushroomhead for about ten years before getting fired, and this is his post-Mushroomhead band.




I am fan of this band…


Me too! :smiley:


Melody AM is my fav…


My favourite is ‘Only this moment’


I think they are antidepressant for me…



I love this song!



I think I’ve shared this one before, but it’s worthy of being shared again.

I love the song, and the video is so awesomely ■■■■■■-up, it’s great. :rofl: :metal:



Do you like Tool


Oh yeah, Tool is one of my all-time favorite bands. I wasn’t such a fan of 10,000 Days, but I love all of their other albums. I’m eager for the new one to come out.

I have the latest APC, “Eat the Elephant,” and it’s great.

I’ve never gotten into Puscifier, but I need to give them more of a listen.


Yeah anema was their best, stoked for their new album coming this april


Aenima is a freaking masterpiece.

When I get my taxes back, I’m planning on scheduling a session with my tattoo artist. I want to get three tattoos, one of them being the eye from the Aenima artwork, with flames coming from underneath and flickering above it.

It will go on the lower portion of my left calf, just below the Mushroomhead (my fave band) x-face tattoo.

Besides being a masterpiece of an album, the eye is also just a plain cooling-looking piece of artwork.