🎵 What song are you listening to right now? - Part 7


I think the intro is a little funny when Don mentions getting ratings and laughs at his own joke… he was a bit ahead of his time with that comment.



The reason why todays music sucks is because the public don’t control the music anymore. It’s ran by people who killed the diversity that 80s and 90s music had. Before rap became mainstream, look at how the artists supported each other. They all respected everyones style because they all had their own thing going on. Now it’s multiple voices rocking the same voice, style, and shitting on lyrics. If we want quality music again we need to take our music back




This played at walmart tonight lmaoo love it


I want to shuffle down the aisle to this song at my wedding












srry u feel that way, hopefully its a temporary thing.


Cardi B’s “Money” has been stuck in my head. However, it’s a very explicit song and the video has a lot of nudity in it, so I’m not going to post the link. It is available on YouTube if you want to look.