🎵 What song are you listening to right now? - Part 7






The video for that cracks me up. Very interesting, to say the least, not to mention a great song.

You said it’s an old but goodie, so I’m wondering if you know something I don’t. :thinking:

I know this song as being on last year’s release, “Eat the Elephant.”


Sorry @freakonaleash I refer to anything Maynard that way. Puscifer, apc and tool have a special place in many parts of my life. This video is in all honesty how I’ve been functioning for quite some time. I am old school, cooking, cleaning, hosting with a smile on my face. Since this came out, I’ve conquered Xanax, temazepam and saphris, tapered aggressively. I am not the same person by any means. Thank you for responding to me. I hope this clarifies. Here’s one of my priceless autographs, just took the pic

and at night so not the best quality. But I’d like to share :hugs:. If I ever get to go back to work, I will add more even if it’s from Maynard’s winery. Being sick makes my passion in music be a small hobby now





Old Australian Classics tonight! Book em danno. Murder 1!



Another re share. It’s Aussie Afternoon. Nick Cave before the bad seeds…


Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? When you strip the layers from your limitations you may find it’s your attitude or personality that’s missing. That may be part of the illness or it may be something else. I can’t believe a song with these lyrics was ever popular but it expresses it well.