🎵 What song are you listening to right now? - Part 6


:slight_smile: I got into Future Islands by hearing the song “Ran” on the alternative station. Then I saw the “Seasons” video and was hooked.


Yeah they are top notch. I got tickets to see them but chickened out at the last minute. Would have had to travel a fair way


Awww bummer! I’m sure they’ll be back in the future though. :slight_smile: I think they have a new record out, I could be wrong though.


I used to go to a lot of gigs, but not so much anymore.


Is it paranoia that keeps you from going to concerts? I love concerts, metal shows in particular :metal:. I have some paranoia when I’m at them, forever feeling my pockets to make sure my keys, wallet and phone are still there, but I still have a good time.


Yeah pretty much paranoia and anxiety. I don’t really know my new city too well either. My old city I knew where everything was.









Nobody in the real world knows I like this song. I don’t listen to it, and because I don’t listen, I mix it up with the .38 Special song, “A heart needs a second chance”, another song that is a haunt. And if anyone knew these songs “get to me” It would appear weak at best, and creepy at worst.

I think PMs come across as LOUD, but I wanted to tag @everhopeful and also bring others on board at the same time, (it’s a much more relaxed style.) But Ever, you said you always blame the other person in failed relationships. Are you sure you’re successful with that? I for one, have trouble filing things away. I think we may have a lot in common… and I thought I’d dig deep which is helping me, but could also help you or others get out of their own head for awhile.


its basically rubbish
and from years ago