🎵 What song are you listening to right now? - Part 5


Old School Classic…Kept every little boy in the 80’s so entranced!


If I thought I’d live in a circus of modern industry I would have learned to juggle. Failing that I’m not prepared to sail in this ship of fools…



Relatively unknown song. Love it though.





Here’s some Aussie goodness. I like this effort in electonica. It’s very Australian so enjoy!



@Montezuma This is my favorite Depeche mode effort…thanks for the headsup…it’s through the rabbbit hole tonight!


Hey mate!

You welcome :blush: . I’m going down the rabbit hole tonight too haha!

Now I’m jamming to some really old Morrissey. Ha!



I used to own Moz’s Viva Hate. This song always really creeped me out, in a cool kinda way though. Lots of emotion and tension in it.


Most cool. Grew up with girls who loved The Smiths. Never got into them till late like thirties but so good! I can appreciate Morrissey. The Smiths was just so good…jangley guitar with serioius depressing lyrics. It was our generation over that rubbish politic from the late 70’s / early 80’s…

You have me listening to this! haha! My all time favorite Smiths classic!


Very cool :slight_smile: Yeah, I’m also a big Smiths fan.

The track you posted is great, too. I think that one is off Strangeways, Here We Come. Great album!

I agree with all your points about the Smiths, their guitar work and being a sort of break from a lot of typical radio pop.






Oh I’ve probably shared this before but it’s so damned good!

“This bed is on fire with passionate love, the neighbors complain about the voices above!” Great English band!


This song and album was my first breakdown in 1993. I did a painting of this songs single album cover. It was good work and my little brother who has a band still has it. Always thought this band American…but they were English. I’ll get a pic of that painting I did…it really was good!