What social class are people on disability benefits?

I don’t think Britain is a classless society. I come from working class stock but claim disability benefits so apparently this makes me underclass but have enough disposable income that puts me in the middle class and I enjoy a middle class lifestyle like going on multiple holidays abroad a year?

What social class are people on disability benefits?

People with disabilities are basically pensioners. Enjoy your old age

Seriously though, if you have disability that prevents you from competing in work etc, then you sit outside of that system.

The class system is only designed to give people something to aim for to encourage economic activity. It’s all a lot of horse ■■■■, but it seems to fool many people into working ridiculous hours

It makes people really push themselves, which is good for productivity, but not peoples health.



My support worker said the exact same thing, we sit outside the system.

I think a lot of people would agree on this issue you raise.

Me personally I get limited capability to work and PIP, but I work self employed because when I am ill or having problems, I answer to no one and can give myself time off but still earn good money when I do work

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im lower class right now. don’t have much money to spend. most of my money goes to pay rent. i can’t travel as much anymore, but sometimes mom and dad take me places on vacation.

if i go back to work part time, it will help my finances.

We are the lowest class in society just trash basically thats why we dont have any money cause society thinks its just a waste because we are useless

My background: My father was a diplomat. He got his first Who’s who entry in 1978. I went to private schools from 1965-1975

As an adult: From 1983 till 1989 lived in bed and breakfasts,private lets aimed at those on benefits, a 9 by 6 caravan ,a tent. 1989 temporary council accommodation . 1990- council//housing association properties. I won’t such much about politics other than I’m liberal left and most definitely not authoritarian working class on issues.

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