What smart(s) do you associate yourself with? Poll

I was referring to things like art and music. I have zero talent.

Poetry and short stories. I write in spurts typically. Writing is tough for sure…I often times have trouble sticking with it once I start a piece.

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Well when I was in university I was book smart, I had good grades.

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Other: I’m a recovering dumbass

What is this thing you call smart? :crazy_face::confounded::eyes:

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I’m a walking encyclopedia of movie knowledge and I know how to knock someone out with one punch.



Oh, so Monte, should I view Citizen Kane? For reference, my favorites are Airplane, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club. Speaking of, will you hit me as hard as you can?

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Haha! You’re safe friend. I consider you an allie. :slight_smile:

Citizen Kane is a great film and is watched in a lot of film schools.

My favorite film ever made might be Chimes at Midnight. It’s also an Orson Welle’s film and it’s pretty amazing.

Edit to add, I just got the Fight Club reference! :laughing:


Book smart- Good
Street smart- Not at all
Eq- Poor social skills
Iq- Like directing 3 Oscar contenders interspersed with a movie worse than the worst 'Police academy ’ movie
Creative- Better when younger
Experience- Adaptive functioning < IQ
Wisdom- Not bad.
Luck- A mixed bag

I would like to think I’m smart but everyone passed the first round of GEP in my country so.