What single word is the common link?

The common 1 word association?
Jane Hargreaves

From a Facebook friend . Originally posted by him on a FB group we both go on. I was 1st to get it, but not overly quick to do so.

I don’t know what the point of this is supposed to be. I understand that it is a brain teaser, but I’m not sure what you are asking for.

It’s “association” right?

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Sorry about that. You need to find the word that has a connection to both of the words I’ve posted.

name (both are names)

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Thanks for trying- but wrong answer.

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janny greaves…12 12 15

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^Thanks for trying. Not right.


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^ It’s wrong,but thanks for taking part.

Is the answer…


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Thanks for trying. It isn’t ‘hello’ .

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I think you need to give us all a bit more context.

This riddle seems a little elusive.

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Line of duty

Wild guess

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Thanks f for trying FatMama- but wrong answer

He didn’t add anything else.

A clue - Donkey

But what exactly are the 2 words you posted?

Is it “common link” from your Header?


Is it “word association” from the thread"?

I’ve got a cool one…

The Company’s name is King & King.

So there is a space between King and and and and and King.

And this sentence makes perfect sense, although looking at it you’d think otherwise.

It’s a word that can be connected to Hargreaves Jane and donkey.

An example: Traffic music apricot - would have jam as the word connected to those three.


I thought Jane Hargreaves was the author of the riddle! I misunderstood.

Is the answer "Jenny?"

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@anon39054230 Very well done. Hargreaves- inventor of spinning Jenny; Jenny used to be diminutive of Jane;Jenny= female donkey