What signs did you have in childhood?

For schizoaffective, i had a pretty vivid imaginary pikachu named Sparky for years. He was always around me in my head but im pretty sure i knew he wasnt real. I heard voices at least once but could be others i didnt know was voices. I was always really clumsy and fell a lot. Became depressed early in life. I also thought my mom was a robot when i was 7.
I also have ocd and remember swallowing every few seconds for a long time because i felt my saliva would drown me.
Ive always been terrified ol being upside down like it sends me into panic mode. I used to have nightmares of being sucked into the sky and now i cant look up for too long without getting afraid.

What were your childhood symptoms?

I had several routine hallucinations. Starting my teenage years, I became more socially drawn.


I also had childhood ocd and often imagined adults were monsters hiding their true shape, but I think that’s pretty common for children.

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