What should you tell your psychiatrist?

What things shall I tell my psychiatrist in order for him to stop my medications?

Did any of you took these meds for schizophrenia for more than 4 years then succesfully stopped it. If yes how did you stop it without relapse?

When i lowered from invega sustenna 150 to invega sustenna 100 I had insomnia is it legal for janssen to market a drug that you cant stop?

You should be honest with your psychiatrist in order to get the best results from your treatment.

That being said, unless you are under court ordered treatment, why would you need to deceive or “tell your psychiatrist” certain things in order to stop treatment? Most of us have free will to stop treatment regardless of our pdocs opinions if we really want to.

It is of course best to get your pdoc to supervise your tapering off of meds also.

My guess its better to stay on medication than without but still i wish if they were less expensive since you have to keep taking them forever

even if you wanted to stop invega and you stopped it can you handle the insomnia that comes from taking it?

Happy birthday btw!

The most likely way I’ve found is to be med compliant for a long time, and then ask your pdoc to gradually take you off the med’s you want off of. Don’t be confrontational. Ask, don’t tell. Begging might help.

I stopped taking invega and switched to Abilify and I do remember having a few nights where I had insomnia. It passed though. As a matter of fact, I had to start taking caffeine pills recently in order to stop myself from sleeping too much.

I honestly attributed the insomnia to the Abilify myself though.

If these drugs have a calming effect I would appreciate that because i used to punch members of my family

I take cipralex 5 mg do you think it helps with having good mood and being calm?

Have you been honestly stable for at least 5 years? Are you med compliant. You seriously think your “cured”?

Or are you deluded yourself - and parhaps the reason your feeling well IS COS OF THE MEDS.

Dont cock up your recovery unless your sure, cos you will just inflict more brain damage on yourself if you have another psychotic episode.

Should I quit meds too?

How do you even know when you have recovered ? there is no way

Geodon and Seroquel mellow me out pretty well. I like what they do to my head, but they have hormonal effects on my body that I don’t like.

You love :slight_smile:

No poppett. You aint anywhere near recovery going by your posts.

Do you have insomnia on geodon? Are yu taking seroquel because of insomnia or what?

Why do you think that? I only have some paranoia

If you are going to do that I would recommend that you do it under psychiatric supervision. You’re always playing with fire when you try to get off your med’s. Be careful.

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I’ve had insomnia for a long time, but it’s not because of psychotropic drugs. I think Geodon does help me sleep a tiny bit better, but I still have trouble falling asleep. I don’t think anything can fix that.

If you have to ask that question, you clearly have not recovered.

I would stay on your meds mate. Accept that most people with Sz are on some form of medication for life, and its that sole reason why they feel well. And yet people dont make that connection and decide to quit them.

I wish I didnt need the maximum dose of invega to feel well and sleep but I try to take 100 mg injection with 6 mg pill and see if it works and maybe i can reduce it to 3 mg in the future