What should @shifter's new name be?


change the f-t :poop::rofl::ok_hand:



Did you get the injection @shifter?

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Yes @TheBest :smiley:
I took a pill alprazolam one hour before injection and it calmed me down. I was sleepy. It was a male nurse who did my shot, he took blood test from me many times before, he is very good. (God bless him :slight_smile: ) I still feel something in my left arm but it cannot be called pain. Thank you for support :smiley:



I’m glad it worked out. Do you feel a difference mentally?

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No i got it about two hours ago. Today i did not took my Invega pill and i was angry and i had a great fear but all is good now.

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Today will be my first day skipping my shot of Risperdal. I hope I don’t get angry.



It’s good because you take other pills clozapine i think, right? edit: i must go to eat now. Have a good day.

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Yea you are right. Later buddy.

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