What should @shifter's new name be?

  • Chameleon
  • Snake
  • Hawk
  • Transporter
  • Adapter
  • Retracter
  • Variable
  • Ludacris
  • Slim Shady
  • Other (please leave a comment for what it should be)

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It has to be Chameleon in my opinion.



Who is @shifter is that spark???
I can’t keep up.


Shifter was formalname, spark and I forget the other names.

Edit: He was Jedi too I think.


Thanks thebest


I think his name should simply be “The Chosen One” - yes a bit deluded - but gives an air of mystery lol.


There’s a basketball player in the USA with the nickname chosen one. That’s what I think of when I see that.


Thank you guys a lot :slight_smile: I voted chameleon. I had over 10 usernames here haha :smile: Today i am really terrified about tomorrow AP shot. Oh and a positive thought for thinking at me. Thanks


So tomorrow will be your first shot of Palperidone(Invega)?


Yes @TheBest I hope i won’t faint


Sometimes I don’t even feel the injection. I don’t even notice a dfference from going 50 mg to 25 mg of Risperdal. I’ve been on the 25 mg shot for about 12 weeks. Now I’m completely off Risperdal and I will notice it in late March.





Hahaha Thank you! Nice Tat - altho he could do with it being re-blacked. lol . You really gotta have some balls and self-confidence to display that on your back havent you!? lol


People call him a basketball savant. I think he had that tattoo ever since he was a teenager. I agree he has a lot of confidence.


Why would you pass out during the shot @shifter? Has that happened before?


I’m afraid. I hope it’s gonna be ok. I watched video on YouTube about APs shot and i have anxiety.


I’ve had hundreds of shots. If the nurse is good you will barely feel it.


@TheBest Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Man I forgot about @flag. There’s a little place in my heart for that username.


“The one” would be good name. But shifter is a good name. Why change it?



Idk. I’m just being silly on a Sunday.