What should my forward goals be?

I am talented without doubt, but useless. Work is just the movement of energy according to Newtonian physics, so we are always working unless we are absolutely still, which is impossible. Try to follow the golden mean. I do as best I can. What should my goals be anyone? In which manner should I apply myself?

Try to work within the range of your talent.
If you do something with talent, you will be good at your job

—> Follow Your Dreams & Erase The Obscene <—

I think goals should be small and achievable steps that can be done very soon. I would rather set and focus on the visible goal of cooking and eating 1 duck instead of the intimidating endeavor of 10,000 ducks.

I like Jordan Peterson’s explanation of what it means to be noble: “A heroic willingness to encounter the unknown and articulate it and share that with people.”

Figure out what that means to you and pursue it!

Quit all addictions and maintain a pleasant life.

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