What should I try for negative symptoms?

Tired of not feeling any happiness.
Tried L theanine, Wellbutrin, amisulpride, NAC.
What to try next?

What is your thyroid values especially TSH. Low level of thyroid hormones can cause negative and cognitive issues. Same way do check your vitamin d and b12 levels. Taking prescription medicines indiscriminately can cause various side effects so i suggest you to check the basics and see if there is any issues like these.

Do you have hobbies? Do you exercise at all, even a little? Do you do any therapy?

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I have zero motivation for exercise although I have thought many times to do it. What are your thoughts on pramipexole?

Me neither. Walked 4 miles and did squats before breakfast. Habit is a powerful thing. Also did one exercise in my current therapy guide.

None whatsoever. I don’t shop for prescription meds. If my doc hasn’t told me to consider it then it’s not on my radar.

I gave up on trying to get past negative symptoms through meds many years ago. I used external pressure (wife, scheduling software) and therapy to get me going and build habits. Now that I’ve got the habits ingrained I can be so sick that I’m losing blood and I’ll still go out for a walk.

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I haven’t been prescribed it, but I’m on other Parkinson’s medication.
I’m prescribed Levodopa, which helps with dopamine.

So if Mirapex helps with dopamine, it might work for your depression.

Give Glycine a try, it is an amino acid, but you have to take a large amount to treat negative symptoms. Apparently it doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier unless you take large amounts, at least 8 grams. In one study they gave schizophrenics 60 grams/day (60000mg/day) in order to treat their negative symptoms. That is about 6ish teaspoons. You can buy glycine by the pound from iherb,com

I use the NOW brand, I buy the 1 pound bottle of powder. I take it for sleep. For sleep it is recommended between 3-5 grams but I take 10 grams before bed, specifically it is suppose to increase REM sleep which is the kind of sleep you want, I have really bad insomnia.

If you decide to try it I would recommend you take it before bed because it helps you sleep, but you can always try it in the day and see how it effects you.

Here is the article from the JAMA Psychiatry

You really should at least walk I walked A LOT yesterday and it made me feel great


No medications work for true sz/sza negative symptoms. Otherwise, believe me, pdocs would be prescribing it.

I’ve found that the only thing that works for my negative symptoms is pure will power. Daily, even hourly, pure resolve. That’s the only way I can break through my complete inertia.


Does Ledopa help you with your anhedonia?

Stimulants might be worth a try. You can ask your doctor if you are a candidate for one. I have had good results with Concerta and Ritalin.

Remember that using stimulants in schizophrenia is controversial and many doctors are reluctant to prescribe these drugs to patients with a history of psychosis.