What should I make for dinner? A poll

  • Hobo dinner
  • Salmon cakes
  • Heat up frozen burritos
  • Fried Bologna sandwich with hot sauce

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Idk what a hobo dinner is but it sounds like a unique experience…!

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It’s basically salt, pepper, vegetables and a hamburger patty thrown in aluminum foil and baked for an hour. I eat it so much that I switch up the spices and veggies. It’s really yummy.


Oh i havent had that in like a decade, but its damn delicious!

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I have a hard time passing on burritos. I have some in the freezer right now!


I voted hobo dinner because I think I remember you saying it’s your favourite or one of your favourite foods.

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It’s so cheap to make and it tastes so good. My friend from work introduced it to me. Growing up with my dad I can’t believe we didn’t have this when we were kids.

I’ll tell you what else is good: cooking steak and potatoes in the wood burning stove. My dad used to do that


We call those burger bombs! Sometimes we make them with potatoes instead of burgers and call them potato bombs