What should i do?

Yes I’m on clozapine

There are conditions that can’t be felt so easily. An otolaryngologist or even a gastroenterologist would probably be a safer bet. The first will specialize in ear/nose/throat and the latter in the digestive tract, which includes the throat and swallowing. If you’re pretty confident it’s not a fear or otherwise psychological, I’d get seen by at least one of the aforementioned specialists. You know your body best, and if you believe something is wrong, please pursue it. A family member had swallowing issues. They had to do an endoscopy, then they had a small procedure to correct the issue. They will have to continue to have this procedure periodically. I just can’t remember what their issue was called. However, it could not be determined through palpation.

ETA: I had initially started my Master’s in Speech Language Pathology after taking the prerequisite courses. My son had a speech problem, and I wanted to work with kids like him. Anyhow, I switched programs when I learned the requirements to get certified in a school in my state for SLP were ridiculous. From what I learned (and I could be wrong), an SLP wouldn’t be the most qualified to handle your problem.

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Ok. I will try get help for it

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Please do. If I hadn’t persisted with psychiatrists, I’d probably be a very hospitalized wreck right now.

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