What should i do?

I fear choking on food so I only eat liquid fooda at the moment

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You could move up to very soft, semi-solid foods that are difficult to choke on? Mashed potatoes, jello, mashed bananas all come to mind. Verrrry slowly and gently reintroducing these foods might help

I find when I fear a food it helps me to know there is an alternative and safe food nearby. So it could be good to have a backup food just in case so you still can eat

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Do you have a physical issue? Or is it just a mental block?

A few weeks ago I almost choked to death on some steak.


My husband freaked out and was about try the Heimlich maneuver when I finally just spit it out.

I was afraid to eat stuff.

Chewed my food super well.

Didn’t have steaks like we usually do.

You and I just have to get over it and live our lives.

We can’t live in constant fear.

You need to eat real food,

Liquid diets are only okay short term.

I’ve been on a liquid diet for over a year now

I’d just take a bite of an apple and chew it a lot. It’s like ripping a band aid off

I think its physicsl but people around me say its mental

What symptoms do you have of it being physical?

I tried eating mashed potatoes but I felt like it stuck to my throat

I wish they evaluated me

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What do you physically feel when you’re eating? Are you able to look at and cook solid foods, or does that cause you stress as well?

I’m sorry you’ve been going through this. Food anxiety can be so hard to deal with

Ye I can cook and look at solid foods fine

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When i had brain lesions that caused me to not be able to swallow, a specialist worked with me teaching me how to swallow again.

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I think there may be a physical component to this. Do you have any doctors in your area who might be able to work with you?

You’ve been on a liquid only diet for a year?

How does your group home cater to that?

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they recommend me to eat real food but they can’t force me

I’ve tried but all say its mental

I forgot which type of specialist I worked with so I looked it up.

A speech language pathologist can feel your throat while you swallow and determine that way if you can swallow well enough or not

If you cannot, they work with you until you can. It helped me a lot


Ok. Thanks for advice


You’re welcome @Crystal-Cotton

Aren’t you taking clozapine? That drug is notorious for disrupting the swallowing reflex, often manifesting as drooling at night, but can also cause choking on food.

I have these problems myself, but they are less severe than in your case. I have never had swallowing problems in my life until after I started clozapine. I am able to cope with the problem by chewing more carefully and completely, and washing the food down with milk or other liquid.