What should I do?

My CPN says that she feels the best chance of me coming off medication is after I’ve been on it 18 months which will be in June.

My care coordinator feels that it has to be when I feel ready which could be now. That it’s a gamble at any time and that it’s now nearly a year.

I’ve just had some personal stress, but part of me does want to risk it again.

What should I do?

6 months isn’t very long.

But if you want to come off I guess you should go with your instinct. Just make sure you do it because you really feel ready, not because you are fed up being on ap’s.


Splitting hairs at this point… June is not far at all

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I feel like I’m going to relapse if I’m honest and don’t have much hope for ever getting off of aps.

But feeling the urge to try!

I’m feeling almost completely normal at the moment.


Feeling normal is good.

I don’t know what I would do in your situation.

It’s probably a good idea to have your medical team in your back so that they can help you out with a sleep aid if that becomes a problem.

You will probably have a better chance to readapt your brain if you help it with nootropics. The olanzapine has made it’s mark on our brains and in order to reverse that it helps with some supplements. At the moment I’m taking a few nootropics in the morning like ashwaganda, bacopa monieri, L-theanine, NAC and vanilla extract. These all have a positive effect on neurotransmitters in the brain, protecting, repairing and boosting them in sum.

You should read up on nootropics if you haven’t already. Doesen’t have to be the ones I mentioned, there are a lot to choose from. I can feel them being positive on my brain even while taking olanzapine. Also I’m taking vitamin B1 which I found information about on another site. There were someone there who had got it prescribed from their doctor as a supportive vitamin while taking olanzapine. I’m trying it out now and it seems to really make a difference, making me feel more normal. I take 100mg two times a day.

So anyways, this is stuff you could try before going completely off olanzapine to better your odds at sucseeding. It may be a good idea to not take them at the same time as the olanzapine though to minimize interactions. I take olanzapine in the evening, so I take all the supplements in the morning(except the ones I use for sleep). Has worked well for me.

Would it be your first time going off meds?

No it would be my second time. I relapsed after five months the first time. Which was after stress.

I’ve been on medication for nearly a year now and am symptomless on 5mg Olanzapine.

What do you think I should do?

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you have to look on the stress in your life, if you go off. I think 5 mg zyprexa is a low dose, too. Good luck.

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