What should I do?

I want to go to group but at the same time I want to spend time with my partner on Monday she gets paid that day. It’s just in the past month outside of doctor appointments I’ve only gone to the bank and food Bank. That’s it.

How long is group? If it’s only an hour or so you’ll have plenty of time left to spend with Kay.


You should go snuggle under a tree and bring a blanket and have some bread and just blow her away with poetry. And kiss her. Be in love im sure she is in love with you. If she loves you truly a cuddle would be better than anything.


I your partner is going to be with you por Siempre (for ever),
go to your group.
because #1. Group is good for you, and a ‘better’ (happier? more content?) you is all that your partner should want for you.

and #2. If your relationship should be less than por Siempre,
it’s all the more reason to go to group.

There is happiness in being Independent-
regardless of your relationship status.


@Loke group is three hours long. But I better go. I have to pick up my med tray

@Adelaing usually if I ask to spend time together we usually do but at home. Her mom claims I make her nervous.

@Csummers you’re right I just hate when I can’t go with my partner to places because of her mom

Wow! Three hours is a long time. Are you required to stay the whole time? I’m no expert on anything but I think Kay would love to spend time with you Sans die Mutter. Does her mother keep tight control over your quality time?

She said we have this weekend but I don’t know. My in laws seem to take up most of her time


Your in-laws should be called out-laws,
but nobody wants them.

Relatonships are hard enough to navigate as is,
add the in-laws to the mix and it’s sure to be miserable for all.

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