What should i do about this?

I am not sure what to do recently. I think i am lead to make unnecessary connections and feel somewhat alienated from certain friends.

I went on here for help but one of the two cyberstalkers have tried to hurt me again.
Its a pity bc i avoid this persons post and try to enjoy this forum but they started something weird. I was lead to overthink something out of nothing.

Should i take a break from this forum?

Also how do i get over feeling a disconnect from my friends? I feel like my roommate turned some of them against me by using psychogically insulting remarks.

You are exhausted, you should offer a sacrifice, the end has come. Take your time, amidst food and drink you feel secure, but the danger lies ahead. Persevere and there will be a good ending.

I do this a lot too. Perhaps you should consider this before making a decision for taking a break.

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Gagis, your deprogramming is total ■■■■■■■■ and a waste of time.

Keep trying to enjoy your friends and do ignore your enemy. Possibly forgive them and don’t say anything to them. That will keep you from feeling they are getting over. lol

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