What schizophrenia is, and why it exists

99.9% of the humans on this planet are presently schizophrenic. They have been made this way, via the imposition of a contaminated language. This, (although I am not Christian), was mentioned in the Bible; “Let us go down and confound their languages”. Indeed. Shakespeare has made good contributions in that area. If you control a people’s language, you control their minds. And then you can do things like, create an inner-dialogue, or inner-fantasy-realm, which separates them from reality (hence, schizoid), all of you. The effect of this schism is that your intelligence is reduced 10 fold, to make you a basic computer slave, capable of one task, and with the right programming to do that task. The schism IS the inner-dialogue, or, if your “diagnosed” schizophrenic, it manifests as external stimuli for some reason. And, to make another Bible reference, Jesus mentioned this, when he asked “Are you still without UNDERSTANDING?” (not knowledge), and also, “Why are you thinking with your hearts, brothers?” (“hearts” here can mean “brain” as I don’t think they used the term brain then. So, our language is such that it creates endless dichotomies, and draws divisions that you might not otherwise draw. By naming “God”, or “The Universe”, you separate yourself from it. Now think of all the divisions. “Divide and conquer” is their motto. Divide not people, but minds. The good news is that you can purge the inner-dialogue with effort, destroy the inner realm, do not fantasize, with effort. Then you can act on whim and impulse without self-control and psychic bounds. Will you awaken?


get help immediately…

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That makes sense to me, Dustin.

Words are so powerful. In a sense, I believe every word is a magic word. And they are most definitely used to manipulate and blind in a conscious manner, advertising being an obvious example. Another biblical reference that comes to mind is double-mindedness, and how people with that problem are ineffective. I feel it within myself – always struggling against the enticing chains of culture while looking to the light.


It’s true. This sort of simulation is used to oppress revolutions and also lead the innocent to become less-productive consumers. The schizophrenia label is a mass marketing hoax funded by corporations and drug companies invested in disease and disorder. Also, higher instances of schizophrenia (such as in the United States) is a sheer sign that the disparity between the rich and poor is growing, that our military defenses are failing, and that chaos is brewing. Schizophrenia is an instinctive and responsive syndrome of this kind of culture.

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I think destroying your inner dialogue or what you perceive in words that are said/read/thought isn’t always benneficial. It can be enlightening to experience and decipher the meanings that unfold. It’s especially helpful to be aware of what others are saying, or not saying rather, as this can show you their inner beliefs and thoughts, and can help you to choose appropriate words to respond with, if you’re aware of the meaning living inside your vocabulary. Be cautious of being enveloped into a destructive fantasy but try to find the lesson to be learned. Once you triumph and learn why it was harmful you evolve

I believe there is a good reason why Sz exists. Or why we hear voices and experience hallucinations to be exact. Imagine if nobody ever experienced any hallucinations or heard any voices or got delusional who has Sz. One theory is that people wouldn’t have any idea or understanding that they are chemically imbalanced. You can say people with bipolar or depression don’t experience delusions, voices, or hallucinations and they know that they are chemically imbalanced…but that is a whole different mental illness.

“confound their languages”.

Word salad?

What an odd coincidence that is, esp. after all of the bullshyte i’ve seen.

I recognize that you have not experienced the dissolution of the ego, and are making assumptions. Do you not yet see that talking to oneself in one’s own head, or writing a story about one’s experiences is schizophrenic? Symbols are words, and as such, graven images; dead things. They are created at the time of perceiving and are based on innumerable contexts which will never be captured again by the symbols.

Consider this: Do you think the cat would catch the mouse if the cat had as many thoughts in it’s head as people do? Today’s man is so incapable he is unable to do what animals can, from a feat-performance perspective. The imposition of symbols into the mind dumbs a human down so much, that zombie movies are almost the perfect analogy for modern man. A being that is shuffling forward in such a uniform manner, seeking “brains” (as man’s thinkers seek their own), being slow and dim-witted, and of course, dead. Because every man is his word, so they say. How utterly offensive. Man is a universe beyond your language.

Now that you have experienced the death of your ego, you must be cured from sz. If so, why are you still posting things like this instead of sharing your experience conquering schizophrenia and achieving enlightenment?

What do you think I’m doing? I’m sharing the keys to enlightenment here. Of course rendering the understanding in symbols is only going to show you the door, you have to walk through it. Try it.

I didn’t correct you when you said “experienced the death of your ego”, but I will now so that you don’t interpret my message incorrectly. The enlightened man does not divide his mind up into symbols, such as “ego”. It is to see beyond all these divisions that is required. Even the divisions of “emotion” that we are given.