What sayings are your pet peeves?

Just thought I’d make a fun thread for people to chime in with the sayings they hate the most. My two pet peeve phrases are “It may or may not,” (duh, is there a third option?), and “it was in the last place I looked,” (obviously, why would you keep looking after you found it?).


Usually anything goes with me, but I don’t like when children are treated like they are stupid and it’s so cute that they are stupid. I mean, they should just teach them for god’s sake!

I know a very crabby and petulant 5 year-old. He gets coddled by Mommy, and he has frequent meltdowns just to get his way. The kid has been in Head Start for 2 years, and about 3 times per month, his mom has to pick him up because he has bitten someone. Mom is at least 90% responsible for this behavior. She spanks him so frequently he just says no big deal, screams, and then gets his way anyway. Kid is gonna grow up to be a felon. Sad…

Yeah, that is sad.

“Shut up” and “be quiet” get in my psychotic rage.

Like I will tell the dog “stop it, no” whilst he licks my face in a weird way like he’s trying to make me barf or something and then my sister will be like “shut up, be quiet”

Much bullhsit

She just did it less than five minutes ago

I can’t stand someone saying…“oh, I just had a brain fart”…erks me to no end…haha


I’m sorry @mortimermouse, I don’t understand what you said.

I hate the cliché “Life isn’t fair”. It means “I am going to watch you get screwed and not do a thing about it”.


I hate it when my sister tells me what to do, basically

“Nobodies perfect” Like they aren’t even going to try to be, just because they have an excuse not to be.

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These aren’t really pet peeves, but its like people don’t notice what they are saying sometimes.

Like the phrase “but, ■■■■” and things like that. There are others I can’t recall. To many god damned associations in here.

The expression…“Good to the last drop”…

I mean, what’s wrong with the last drop?

Eh? Huh??


The slogan…“4 out of 5 dentists recommend it”…

What’s up with that one dentist? I asked my dentist if she was the one who didn’t recommend it and she laffed really hard!



The expression…“I trust him about as far as I can throw him”…

That doesn’t even make sense! Did some guy in prison come up with that one??


The last few swigs of a beer are the worst. Seem to hang for longer, are flatter and warmer. No good.

I think though really its short hand for “good through and through” or “good from beginning to end”

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How about “New and improved?” If it’s new, how can it be improved?

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The one that I really don’t like…

“If your not part of the solution… you’re part of the problem.”

this one just rubs me the wrong way.

Or “There’s only one choice” (if there’s only one… then it’s not a choice at all… it’s just all you’ve got left… )

People who walk around in their underwear… Get dressed.
And people who just assume that everyone is interested in their problems, or that someone will be there to help them whenever they need it. If people don’t give you any hint that they want to learn about your emotional turmoil then it’s probably best to stay quiet about it. And don’t expect help from people you’ve never helped.

I can’t stand it when someone talks in questions with everything that they say you know like adolescent girls seem to like doing.

It’s fine when they do it because they don’t know any better but when I see a adult doing that I want to ring their neck.