What’s your story... in 40 characters or less

Strict parents, dysfunctional family, high school sucked, bad relationships… jaw fracture, psychosis, still trying to be something


Alcoholic parents. Bully of a sister. A sexually, physically, and emotionally abusive playmate who was too old for me. Went hungry more than once during school lunchtime. More bullies. Crappy jobs. Sza.

Things are better now that both my parents are sober. Don’t see the sister much but could care less tbh.

Yah! That was more than 40 characters but I am a screwed up person.


Daycare. Kindergarten. Elementary school. Highschool. University. Psych Ward. Homeless Shelter. Group Home. Mailroom. Convenience Store. College. University. Psych Ward. College. Truck Shop. Psych Ward. Homeless Shelter. Psych Ward. Halfway House. College. Workshop.


Born in New Jersey. Moved to Massachusetts did a few years of college and dropped out… aspired to be a rapper in Boston. Got married at 23.

Moved to New York to work as a chef for a year, then got an offer to be a sous chef and doing translation in South Beach Miami. Moved into a studio with a waitress and had a blast of a life. Got two dogs worked together and smoked too much weed. Living the “high life” I guess.

Got psychosis and started getting Truman show thing going on was paranoid that the mafia was out to get me. Fell in love with a hallucination and did what it commanded. Ditched the apartment and bought a car and drove to San Francisco where prospected job was supposed to do me well. Had a car accident. Broke the law and got arrested and lost my dog.

Lived in the street since, stuck in a cycle of getting arrested, jail, hospital. Was delusional, believed I was god, grandiose feeling.

Behaviour health team in Seattle gave me a cell phone. Contacted my brother. Parents picked me up I live in Japan currently. Getting my life together


Mine was like 400 characters…! Sorry

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Talker. Paranoid. Meds. Happiness. Progress! ( bang on 40 )


I must apologize… I was on the site and the thread I began slipped through my cracks… plus didn’t get the notification until there were 23 replies! Just woke up and I will read them all and attempt to add some commentary!!!

Very happy chilldhood, good friends was very bright in school, heartbreak at 18, then schizophrenia came calling , bang!


I see my opening one might have confused and sounded superficial.

The ‘uncanny valley‘ thing is a real thing in animation and robotics.

It’s why Pixar has the tech to create 99.9 percent realistic looking human cartoons but purposefully holds back because it isn’t well received by people!

It’s uncanny, awkward, and I theorize the flat affect makes us fall in that valley.

It’s why the animated movie ‘The Polar Express’ voiced by Tom Hanks, wasn’t appealing to the human eye.

Also I said 40 characters bc I had it in my memory that that was what Twitter used to be when it started? But I see that’s def. too little for what I was asking.

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First memories were of molestation. Was downhill after that.

I’ve come a long way in therapy, unlearning my previous abnormal beliefs.


Stolen life …


Ouch. I don’t know what to say. Glad I guess that you were always open to therapy. I’m back and love it. I really require much more talking about this stuff.


Yes, I’ve been in therapy since 2003. I know I still have bizarre thoughts about normal relationships, but I’m open to other perspectives.

I seriously doubt everyone’s dedication to get better if they say no to therapy. What’s your opinion? :hugs:


Can you identify in your mind ‘a biggest culprit’?

Also can you identify your ‘biggest crimes’?

I’m projecting, but still I submit we all have them, and you know…

I’ll offer up: ‘Something, somewhere’ must’ve happened to a person who is a male, straight, white, and finds themselves ALSO with ‘No way out’

of (Pain? and anguish?).

The vein with those categories is shitty At first glance yet innocent from bad intention.

I equate pain with CREATIVITY and you fit right in here, amazingly even. : ).

Your poem ‘today’ encapsulates the feeling of day to day, and you gave my mom a belly laugh! : ).

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It’s expensive… to be balanced (sounding?). Lololol.

I do love it a lot though and maybe that’s good to broadcast out there at this time. Even if it only amounts to another person listening.

Memory is a good topic.

I have a very old memory of being bathed and sporting a ‘woody’ after being bathed in soapy water.

I remember the emotional feel of my mother turning to my father and asking a question regarding me, and that.

AND I was SURROUNDED by love! So I think your story is pretty bruising and I commend you again for everything you’ve chosen after that happened to you…

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Joyful childhood. Anxious teenage. Addictive and destructive 20’s that’s when sz hit me. Depressive mid 20’s upto 30. I am 30 now.


Excellent childhood. Good job. Then sz hit me at 27. I’m 30 now.
Still suffer from voices before I sleep and when I wake up. On lurisadone.

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Glad to hear from you, you sound really well!!

Only regret I have is not getting schizophrenia later in life…

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I guess that’s mostly good. I have regrets but am learning to jettison some and if I cannot exactly do that on all, I’m learning to forgive myself.