What’s your favourite thing you hate

I hate world and my life the most

Life and people. :lizard::lizard::lizard:

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Ice cube is the ■■■■■ ya love to hate

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Pop music, rap music, anybody I think is doing better than me & that cockroach that just ran past my feet with more confidence than I’ll ever have

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I feel you on this. I like rap music though. I also like mainstream rap music. I also hate mainstream rap music.

Eminem :joy:

But yeah I understand this post.


I hate it when someone starts talking to you, and talks and talks and talks, chewing on your ear relentlessly. I’ve started edging away from people when they do this. I’m sick of people chewing on my ear.

I hate bills, pay them and go to the mailbox and there they are again :frowning:

What else is there?

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