What’s wrong with me

I’ve been so bizarre lately, didn’t take my meds for a while. I can barely think, and today I went from yelling at my friends to sobbing uncontrollably on the bathroom floor. I’m compleletly obsessed with my ex, he’s all I can think about.
I was insanely happy and energetic a few days ago, to the point where I did some really rash, embarrassing stuff. My friends said I was being bizarre.
My diagnoses is psycotic disorder nos, but my psychiatrist said it’s most likely schizophrenia (he doesn’t diagnose before the age of 25).
Any idea what could be wrong with me? My friends are starting to get really fed up, and strangers think I’m weird because when I talk my words come out all jumbled and confused. I feel like a wreck

I think there’s relation to your state of mind

It’s normal for doctors to not write letters, and only fill out forms. They aren’t lawyers, and are afraid of saying the wrong thing that could be used against you in court.

if you are prescribed meds…please take them…you are slipping into delusion.

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