What’s the most difficult thing you have overcome

Mine was alcohol and substance abuse. I was a high functioning user who managed to hold down the same job 30 years.

During that time gradually my mental health declined from 2007, I had various misdiagnosis then in 2017 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia which kinda made sense.

I had lots of time off work attending various appointments during this time. Then in 2021 my psychiatrist suggested that I took early retirement from work due to my declining mental health. During this period I was getting triggered and having regular episodes at work.

At this point I decided to seek treatment for my addiction to alcohol and substances. I retired from work in 2021 and have been sober for 3 years.

Now my life is so much better and I am in control. I still have to deal with the symptoms of the condition at times.

I now spend my days attending several support groups in the week, along with playing guitar and making music with my DAW and having just started getting into photography and retro video games.

I don’t have any friends as I am socially awkward around new people.So it’s good to be part of this group of people who get it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post


Congratulations!!! You are doing it well.


Thank you very much :+1:t4:


I’m trying to overcome negative thoughts.


Congratulations on three years sober and congratulations for holding down the same job for 30 years; that’s quite the accomplishment. All things considered, it sounds like you are doing pretty well. I overcame a 4 year destructive crack addiction; I’ve been clean and sober now for 34 years. I’ve also managed to be employed for more than 40 years despite having schizophrenia for 44 years.


Positive symptoms

They are disturbing. Not being in control of my own mind?

That’s disturbing. And deeply demoralising


Wow, that’s as long as I’ve been alive!


5 months of 24/7 solitary confinement in jail without medication

I was hallucinating every minute of every day horrible things, all in a tiny cell, for five months, only let out once a month for 30 minutes for a cold shower and I didn’t even really clean myself in it because I was so confused by my delusions that I didn’t even know what was going on.

To be fair the showers might have been twice a month… I can’t remember them well. But it was 24/7 and weeks at a time without the shower break. Most solitary setups in jails give you 1 hour of time per day in a much bigger room to exercise or walk around while supervised, mine did not. And my charges got dropped. All that punishment and then they were like you’re innocent you can go.

-Also though, it was horrible, but just so everyone knows I’m muuuch better now, fully medicated, very happy, no incidents in 5 years, don’t even think about my jail time anymore. And I still have a huge appreciation for a good meal that I learned from going without in jail for so long.


Awesome, congratulations :+1:t4:


That’s awesome, congratulations for overcoming your addiction and holding down a job that takes some discipline and it ain’t easy. Well done :+1:t4:


same here zoe


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im glad ur doing better. what medicine do u take?

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no pleasure and then no motivation.

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I would say fear. And I’m still dealing with it now. Just fear of having a successful life. Fear of having a life I’m in control of. I was way more comfortable just saying my life is a failure and will be a failure and I will always end up failing at things. I was way more comfortable having no control over my self and life. I actually feared having control over myself in a way.


Schizophrenia …hands down…second to that…losing my first wife.


I hope you can overcome them given time

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This is something I understand and constantly dealing with. I hope your days get better

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Sorry for your lost

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I take Latuda 111mg AP, Remron 45mg AD, Effexor 375mg AD

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Drug addiction

Started with weed when I was about 11 and by 16 I was using hard drugs

Didn’t matter to me what they were

It was an escape for me

By 18 I was on a court ordered rehab and by 19 I was clean

Very lucky I did not end up dead

Some people I knew met their end

Did not realise the pain and suffering I was inflicting on myself and those around me

But I am 14 years clean now

Last relapse I had was cocaine when I was 23

Luck was that the apparatus for scoring drugs was dismantled and that helped me not be able to get them as easy as before