What’s the difference between a middle aged hangover and a mild detox?

So I had 2 shots of sloe gin yesterday with my mum
Tiny bit less awake and need sugar all the time
I was worse in December
It took 72 hrs to get back to being 100% right

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your metabolism slows down (due to aging) which causes your body to eliminate alcohol from the blood slower, thus meaning your hangovers are worse. you might avoid a bad hangover by drinking less.

as i understand most alcohol detoxes, there are severe withdrawal symptoms that you can experience when youre dependent on alcohol. in this case, its best to consult a medical professional or rehab center. for less severe or dependent cases, its best to remove access to alcohol from your home and keep hydrated with water and electrolytes; as always, have a support system ready to help you when you need it.

in the terms of detoxing ones body of a substance, there isnt a sure-fire way that is effective for everyone. some recommendations: eat more fruits and veggies (any in any form: fresh, cooked, juiced, etc) for a week, eat organic for a week, drink 100oz of water a day for a week. try to avoid restriction based detoxes where you can only eat fruit, or drink water/liquids, as those can damage your body and dont do much to actually get rid of any toxins in your body. its also a good idea to stay away from processed foods (since it reduces the nutrient value), as i think those slow the detox process.

stay safe and healthy! have a lovely day

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