What’s the deal with man/woman bashing?

I’ve seen quite a few posts on this forum where men and women have shown animosity towards each other and to the opposite sex as a whole. I just find it silly, I don’t understand this mindset of generalizing a certain sex. I wanna have a civil discussion about why people feel this way and what you guys think contributes to these thoughts.

personally I think it stems from the issues with relationships we see in many schizophrenic people. it seems as though people have negative experiences in relationships or have a lot of trouble finding a relationship and then attribute whatever they see to be the problem to the entire opposite sex. that’s just my take though


Just a short while ago the problem was much worse,

I think we’re all kind of still on edge from it.

I know I am.

Any remotely insensitive thing and I pounce on it.

Its not exactly healthy,

But this is a public forum so some people are going to be jackasses.


was it really? I guess I got on the forum at a good time then haha. the problem doesn’t seem too intense, it’s just something I’ve noticed happening a bit. people are always gonna be jackasses, you’re right, I just find it so funny that grown adults can have such a black and white mindset on such a complex topic haha

I personally have very bad experiences with SOME men being abusive/intimidating/disrespectful, so im not willing to try for a relationship again, out of fear of bumping into someone bad again (among other things).

I dont think I should blame that on all men though. I have a son, a father, brothers. I know men can be kind and loving. :slight_smile:


that’s very fair, I understand that fear. I’ve been in abusive relationships before as well and had other negative experiences with men, so I have a bit of fear towards men myself. I don’t think it’s an issue so long as you’re able to recognize that all men aren’t evil monsters, ya know? these things only bother me when people completely generalize and hate people because of their gender

Yes, i think that is right! I sometimes catch myself thinking “all men are scary”-thoughts and thats not good. It isnt justified with all the well-intending good guys.

Tbh i also have “all people are scary”-thoughts. Perhaps that makes it more fair. :thinking:

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exactly, I have to catch myself on thoughts like that at times as well because I know it’s not right to put a group into a box like that. to me it’s not the thoughts themselves that are an issue, it’s whether somebody is able to analyze those thoughts and determine they shouldn’t think that way that’s important

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@freddiefreaker, I’m just popping in to say I enjoy this thread/topic.

I wish I had something original to say, but I’m at loss for words atm.

I haven’t noticed too much men/women bashing lately myself.

The mods here do a great job though of squashing things before they get out of hand, and feelings get hurt.

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I’m glad ya like it! and yeah, I haven’t seen too much either, it’s just something that I notice pop up at times. the mods do a very good job at keeping it under control. i just thought that while I was thinking of a few posts I’ve seen that it would be nice to discuss it! :slight_smile:

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Yikes I hope I didn’t offend. I didn’t notice the woman-bashing lately, but a month or two ago there were a few I think. Man bashing I haven’t seen… but I’m really bad at feelings. I apologize if I said anything offensive :open_mouth: what gets my goat is anti-LGBT sentiment but that usually gets quashed pretty quickly.


Looking at the thread title, I can see I’m not going to have a relaxing night.

I think, in any online community, groups of people tend to generalize against other groups of people. It’s not as bad here as I’ve seen in other places, but it does happen. I encourage you to use the flagging system when you see instances of this, so we can address the issues as they come up.

I’m going to leave this topic open for now, since it’s not breaking any rules. But I foresee much drama in the future. I’m probably going to close it before bed just so I don’t wake up to a mess.


of course! I recognize it’s an issue in online communities in general, it was more so that I was surprised to see it happening here I suppose, though it really shouldn’t shock me. I’ll be sure to flag any posts I see, but usually it seems like action is taken before I need to which I’m glad about. I understand why you’d wanna close this thread early, I have no complaints, I just wanna be able to discuss this for a bit :blush:

You frequently worry that you’ve offended someone, but trust me, you have nothing to worry about. In all your history, you have only ever had one post flagged by accident, which we dismissed. Your social anxieties are lying to you. You have many valuable contributions.


You would think they would know better, its like saying all sz people are dangerous. No one likes that, everyone has their own set of faults, part of being human.


exactly, very well put :slight_smile:

Usually it happens because people can’t find a good relationship with people of the opposite sex, then because no one wants to blame themselves or look at reasons why they may feel that way and be having those issues they just blame the entire opposite sex because it’s easier even if it’s wrong and dumb.

It also happens if people have had bad experiences with a few select sucky individuals of the opposite sex and then just decide that the entirety of the opposite sex is evil. Also wrong and dumb.

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yeah that’s what I think too. usually when you ask people why they think that way they don’t really make good arguments but instead toss out different anecdotes about their experiences with the opposite sex and use that as all the evidence they need. it’s very frustrating, it’s really no wonder those people can’t find any luck with the opposite sex when they have that kind of mindset haha

Still, as equal as it is, I never had a girl ask me out. Always had to do that part myself, and it was hard, I got rejected a lot.

After you get past the first or second date I see the two genders on equal footing, but before then I really feel like chivalry is handing me a lance I don’t necessarily want to use. So girls, ask a guy out for goodness sakes, the worst that can happen is that they say no.

I was abused badly by a woman when I was younger, and it took me a little while to realize not every woman was like that. She was just a bad person, so I learned to not associate her actions with her gender.

People decide to be good or bad, I dont think gender has much to do with it.

Yeah, women suck and MEN are the best.

Just kidding

But for all seriousness it gets on my nerves when I see gender bashing on a support forum. It’s suppose to be supportive and helpful not mean and rude.