What’s stopping you

I don’t think they can see through my eyes but can hear my thoughts therefore making it seem to some extent like that can see through my eyes.


I don’t want to go to jail. I sometimes have a weird thought process, and am convinced I need to carry a kitchen knife around, but then I realize I should not.

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I have a strong desire to be a “good” person. While part of me believes my delusions, another part knows the people of my fixation are innocent and needn’t be bothered. If I were to ever harm another person, I doubt that I could ever forgive myself. I try my best to adhere to my own moral standards even while inside the depths of insanity and hell.


It’s good that you realize this is a delusion. Others aren’t responsible for your hallucinations. It’s all in your mind.

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The fact I know that it’ll hurt people and me. And won’t bring me anything other than a fleeting sense of satisfaction that will be gone within a day.

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