What’s stopping you

What’s stopping you from lashing out? I know the person that is sending me voices and it’s only coming from that person. I am pretty positive it is coming from then like 90% plus.

The only thing that stops me is I don’t want to go to prison.

Hope karma comes back on them.

Knowing how bad it makes me feel afterwards.

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No one is sending you voices. It’s your subconscious…


My pdoc says not to believe is my subconscious. And if it was it should say somethings I am thinking about. Not random things I’m not even close to thinking about.

That’s why it’s subconscious because it says random things you are not aware of. My subconscious does the same.


I just find it weird it only says the same 20-30 words. Never something that feels like my personality but of the person I believe I’m hearing voices from.

Mine are repetitive too. All day the same stuff…


The other thing I don’t understand. Is that I went a year before my current past three relapse as semi recovered. I still felt telepathic but didn’t hear any internal voices. The weird part is that I never heard these ‘subconscious’ thoughts then. This has happen a few times as I have got rid of the voice from this person 4 times.

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Any9one else? 151515

I’m on meds. Are you on meds ?


What stops me from acting out is the desire not to be punished, or to go to hell, or to injure my brain like last time I had a psychotic, rage-filled meltdown from taking piracetam.

My brain is still injured, there’s constant pain and pressure that used to be bad enough to want the hospital to do something about it (I went 3 times, they just discharged me with painkillers), but it’s been getting significantly better since I started drinking a gallon of ionised water (9.5-10 pH) a day.

Yes I am on meds. Clozapine around 450mg and going up. But still hear the voice.

Do you still hear voices? Who are they from? If you know.

I hope the increased dose helps. Please realise that this disease turns your own mind against you. I don’t hear voices but nobody is “directing” these voices towards you. They’re just a product of the disease.


I mostly hear voices from one girl, who I named Chitr (pronounced kitter), who I believe is the angel responsible for recording my conscious thoughts, to play back on my judgement day after I die, according to Sikh scripture.

There’s an angel who records the subconscious too, who I named Gupt, but he’s a lot quieter.

I hear other voices too, some who give me their name, but mostly they don’t, but as of late it’s been pretty muted since I’ve been trying some new, moderately effective lifestyle changes.

I believe what you are going through is better then me. Neither of us have privacy but your voices seem much nicer. My voice is always insulting,degrading and being hypercritical of me.

I hope the increase helps too. I just started and most don’t see drastic improvements from clozapine until about 6-12 months. I’ve noticed some mood changes for the better but only been on clozapine for a month now.


Oh, they still say their share of life-threatening stuff, but it’s been happening less lately. When the voices get quieter they start getting nicer. When they’re loud and dominant that’s when they get mean.

I used to think they can see through my eyes. Like I have cameras or something. I think they can read my mind, I guess. The simulators.

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I believe they can see through my eyes, and basically think what I think. My dream level of stability is to be free from voices long enough to forget about that for extended periods, like a few days at least.

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