What’s on everyone’s agenda this Wednesday?

I’m just watching TV today.

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I called to check on it again and was told I’d receive a call within the hour.

When I didn’t,

I called back to find they close at 4:30pm.


I’m calling soon as they open and trying to get it handled.

But aside from their word someone will call me,

Zero progress was made.


Oh okay, I might remember that username lol

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I went to the pharmacy. Had a big lunch and now chilling in the couch

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I feel you there… I’m not trying to pack a whole house on my own though. I can just imagine the stress…

But I’ve been pretty stressed too and causing some symptoms to pop up so I get it kind of.

I’m sorry the move has been so awful so far…

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Oh man. Can you ask for a prn? Moving is so stressful. It can trigger all sorts of stuff

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I’m making Jamaican jerk chicken , then going to my appointment with my case manager, and then going to a diabetes education class.

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I should take a shower. took out the trash in my room but should make another pass for unused items. then I should try to start some graphic design for no reason other than to post it on an art forum.

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