What’s on everyone’s agenda this Wednesday?

What do y’all have planned to do today??

I’m just planning on hanging at home and trying to relax. I need a little break from running around doing errands and such.

I’m a bit overwhelmed I guess.

A little less than 3 weeks till my mom is here at least :raised_hands:

Side note- she changed her flight and instead of staying 3 weeks, she’s gonna stay almost 6 weeks! Yeah!!! I’m stoked. We’re gonna do so much fun stuff :smile: and lots of just lounging too of coarse.


Quiet day today. It’s pay day tomorrow and I’ve gotta go to the dentist.


Sounds like fun it’s really nice that you’re excited for her to stay with you. Seems like you guys have a really great relationship :smile: are you gonna show her around your new city?

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That’s cool that your mum is coming to stay. Are you feeling burnt out because you’re getting things ready for her visit?

I’m just chilling with a book and my puppy at the moment. He sleeps a lot but then needs loads of attention, so I tend to rest when he does.


Just took a shower :shower::blush:. So my day is basically wonderful lol


I’m planning on going back to sleep. Had to get up and do some Ozempic burping and such from a meal I ate like 13 hours ago.

The first few hours of sleep tonight I was getting up every 45 minutes. It has slowed down to every hour and a half or so now. It’s getting old.

Stomach pain and bloating wasn’t going away unless I got up and got rid of some gas.


Yeah I like to think we’re pretty close :grin:
We talk on the phone everyday.

And yeah I’m gonna show her around for sure! There just isn’t much in this town/city to show her lol so we’re gonna go explore the state too :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah, just burnt out from typical taking care of a toddler and 12 year old AND running errands for typical stuff…. It’s a long story that I don’t really want to get into lol

Enjoy your rest! What kind of puppy you got?


Oh very niceeeee!


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That…… does not sound enjoyable :woozy_face: lol


Hope you’re able to get some good sleep at some point


Spring cleaning!

Gonna do the bathroom today, so it’ll be downhill from here lol.

Cleaning the bathroom is the worst!

Hope you enjoy your mom’s visit! Six weeks is great! :purple_heart:


Bowen is the final boss of staying awake :smile:

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Sounds like a busy day/week/life! Is you mum going to help out when she comes to visit?

My puppy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :blue_heart:

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Just as I took this picture, he sighed. It’s a hard life :sweat_smile:


Good luck!! Great time to do some cleaning I think :slightly_smiling_face: fresh start.

And thank you, I’ll definitely enjoy my mom visiting❤️

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Yeah it’s pretty nonstop… but that’s alright. Keeps me occupied!

And haha yeah, I’m gonna put her to work when she gets here :triumph: lol just kidding.

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Awh cute doggy!!!

Also- are you a newish member or did you change your username?

Sorry just curious :grin:

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I’m oldish, I guess. Been here before, a few years ago, left in a bit of a mood but finding I could do with some support/company these days. I dont think I’d be memorable from before, but I was FeverToTell.


I remember you.

Welcome back.

Great YYY album.


To answer the question,

I am packing today.

But even at this early hour I feel I won’t be able to do much.

My dog’s dementia/sundowners is getting worse.

She’s waking me up every hour almost exactly on the hour.

I’m getting no sleep, packing all day and keeping my stress level at a solid 8.

Yesterday I started actually hallucinating again.

Not like my usual ■■■■ that never goes away,

Like actual hallucinations that caught me off guard and scared me.

This move is a total shitshow in every regard.


I’m sorry you’re hallucinating.
How did the DMV go?