What’s for dinner y’all?

Bar b que chicken wings. Takes 4 minutes to heat up in the microwave.

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I love Caesar salad

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No clue. Something easy. Maybe some eggs if they are still good. They’ve been in the fridge awhile

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Fill a large pan with water. Drop your eggs in it. If they sink to the bottom they’re good. If they float throw them out. They’re bad.


Yep that’s the plan :blush:

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Dinner!?? Ensure protien drink - and a lamb donor kebab from round the corner Xtra Large with frys :smiley:

This bad boy got hungry again!!! hahaha.


Pan fried salmon fillet, rice, asparagus and butter, and one oz. of 70% cacao chocolate.

I forgot my daughter is going to be here for supper. I thought it was Saturday lol.

We will have chicken fingers and roasted baby potatoes. Maybe a can of corn or peas. Quick and easy.

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