What’s a funny language / accent?

As a Gujarati I can say that it is the funniest language and also accent I have heard my entire life and I take great pride in that :smile:

Normally I have a British london accent but for some reason if I speak English with a fellow Indian I get switched to a Indian Gujarati English type accent. It’s so weird.

Some words that sound odd

Snack will sound like Snek
Or Harry will sound like hairy
Or Hall will sound whole :flushed:


Lol… :joy:
I had a colleague from Gujarati, he was a nice person!!!

Most sound funny in a different language.
Not sure about my accent :thinking: some people notice, some don’t.

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lol Gujarati is a language , Gujarat is probably where he’s from :slight_smile:

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I can guarantee you your accent won’t beat ours on the funny scale :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol :joy:

123456687 good to know

You were born in UK? cool you have the accent. I have a British friend, we talk sometimes. he is very ‘in your face’ type :flushed: and inappropriate :joy: I have worked with some people from uk . My god, one woman was so vulgar :flushed: and she got credit for most of my work. :joy: anyway it was a nice experience.

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As an American I find that Harry should sound like hairy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I find the french Canadians pretty funny accent. Or saskatchewan accent is hilarious. And whatever irish gypsy accent Brad Pitt had in Snatch is probably the best ever! “Ya like dags?” Hahahaha. Cracks me up


People in Australia rename certain items that Americans or Canadians name something else like for example:

cell phone = mobile
gasoline = petrol
apartment = flat

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People in Oklahoma talk like this…“hello ma’am, how are ya’ll doing today?” haha

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I love to hear Vietnamese people speaking english

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For me argentinian, colombian and french a bit

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Both my parents have an accent.
I love it!
I like my psychiatrists accent, she’s from India.

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Another vote for French Canadians

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