What r u doing?

Sitting here after taking my meds that were increased. My thoughts are turned off and all I do is sleep

I am twiddling my thumbs while I am getting a Windows 10 1903 update. So far there has been 2.46 gigabytes downloaded. For some reason it all started immediately after there were two brief hydro power failures at my apartment.

Question: Do any of you folk have spell check not working when you are typing your posts ?

In my case the spell check is always not active, although I have found a way to activate it if I want to.

I just asked my Nurse to increase my Trilafon (Perphenazine) and she said she would rather decrease it.

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Thank you @Loke!!!

Well, the download is now up to 3.85 gigabytes and still downloading.

I’m watching Big Brother and on this forum browsing.

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I am sitting in bed with my pyjamas on browsing the forum.

I have hours till dinner time.:slightly_smiling_face:
It’s almost 2pm.

I might do some guided meditation.

I learnt a bit of Arabic when I was a Muslim for a year because I had a delusion my father was not my father and my real father was a Muslim.

Aman siddiqi I think the man is called who taught me how to pray in Arabic.

Loke As salamu alaikum means peace and blessings be upon you.

I have fallen in love. Fallen in love with…

I’m chillin I just had to take some migraine meds and I’m just chillin with this huge storm outside its such a strong storm but its beautiful

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Having morning coffee. Going to take the dog out soon.

Drinking heavily and watching stand up comedy.

Up at 3 am drinking coffee

Putting together outfits for virtual pets with the help of a good online friend.

Playing dress up, basically. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to kill time at work.

Having SUN RA playing on laptop.
I love him so much, but right now it irritates me

I just got home from work, time to rest

I’m resting after getting some homework done. I’m a bit hungry but I’m going to wait a couple of hours until dinner.

Just ate lunch…I don’t have set times for my meals.

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