What r the chances of a s a to lose disability

I’m scared of losing disability what are the chances of them trakeng it away also I’m on said I’m going to apply for ssi again when we get rid of a bond of mine am I automatically qualified since I’m on ssdi

Slim to none .They told me at S.S. not to worry!

You don’t get SSI and SSDI. You get one or the other unless your SSDI is less than 775 (ish) a month and then they will make up the difference if you qualify for SSI. You have to be really poor to qualify for SSI and have no money, in any way shape or form, that amounts to more than 2K.

If you have SSDI, you should be able to keep it if your circumstances are the same. I am on SSDI too. I was on SSI for awhile (because I am poor and MI) then my disability came through and they took me off SSI.

I was told if you sign up to ‘Ticket to Work’ program which you contact through the food stamps application for your state, you only get reviewed every 10 years…This is run through ‘Vocational Rehabilitation’ office. You can choose to just work part-time. Remember, SSI is different from SSDI…SSI recipients have to be managed more closely to keep work income constant so you won’t lose your medical through Medicaid. I would never earn more than $700 a month on SSDI unless you are willing to return to work as you can lose your Medicare insurance and Obamacare may not catch you.

I ALWAYS just handle my twice annually psych appointments for medication management but showing I’m functioning and discuss some of the local social abuse/discrimination/harassment or my trouble functioning sometimes due to the insomnia. The voices never quit for me in 12 years, medicated or not. So I don’t worry so much. I tried to move from here 5+ times only to be screwed in the jobs or told I was living where unsafe alone and better to move if I did not want to date a local. (I have a great guy in jail.) I was told in teens others who lived here got screwed back to this city even for taking PROFESSIONAL work in another city or answer a job ad for country jobs so can be ‘no way to move away from the problems in this area’. Then the professional networking in this city actually left people unable to work in self supporting jobs called BLACKBALL. It is totally recommended to admit if you had someone threaten you about working or tell you you cannot work in a certain field here or you tried to move_________ times and got screwed back to where you have family to stay with (in the wrong place probably)…Some of the landlords in this state are renting out houses next to someone really nuts and trying to get a lease on something no one will occupy, and cops just let the man run until he gets felony…HAVE MORE SUCCESS LEAVING IF YOU MOVE AWAY WITH SOMEONE YOU KNOW WELL OR MOVE TO WHERE YOU KNOW SOME LOCALS. Try to leave with a stranger and usually end up with sex abuser or wife beater around here…Any stuff like this needs to go on social security renewal app…

Meds compliance and keeping regular mental care DOES help your disability claim. Can recommend seroquel for meds if you haven’t found a combination you can stand. This has few side effects except some weight gain and really nice to cut into pieces at night, take before bed and sleep like a baby. Start with 50 mg and can easily take 400-500 mg okay at once. Cost is really low with Silver Script RX by Medicare D. If you act okay & treat mental care civilly, can just be told to take a little something and ‘don’t be a problem’ and you will be okay.

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I get both. I used to work while on it. I would have to report my income and they would deduct it. Have you ever heard of that?

I’m sure I can get both if they still find me disabled I only get 310 dollars for ssdi

I am assuming if you get both, that your disability is very low. They only give you SSI if you are very poor. Yes, I have heard of them deducting money. SSI is for the very poor, if you get money from somewhere else (like a job) they take it out of your check. If you were on straight disability, you could earn up to 1,000 (ish) per month before they start deducting.

Very poor here means you never made much in your crappy summer/part time while in full time school jobs. I was an art student, so poverty was part of the plan. :stuck_out_tongue: