What positive realistic things do you tell yourself

To get you through the tough times

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Like everything else, this too shall pass

That maybe everything isn’t what it seems.

Something like that.

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I can raise my own frequency and get heaven by myself bc I’m a white light and if that fails. I always have the hope that somebody upstairs would have mercy on me. And hear my prayers. And help me obtain heaven.

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It doesn’t matter how something is achieved. All that matters is what needs to be achieved is achieved.

It doesn’t matter if it can be awkward in doing something, or you may not come across 100% normal. All that matters is what needs to be done is done.


Yea totally agree. There’s this creepy merge theory going around. It’s only a theory but I read some stuff about it and it seems like it’s this super sexy love story and really beautiful. And the character who’s female really likes the idea of true love. And extecy. A little highlander love novel twist :joy:

I tell myself that 5mg of abilify is like being off meds… :neutral_face:

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Hahaha. Ahhhhhh I’m doomed.
I’ll see how it goes.
I’m surprised that the team keep me on 5mg if it’s not meant to be therapeutic…
Anyways it might go up some time

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