What physical tests did you have done before a diagnosis was made?

today i came across a comment about physical testing before diagnosis and it got me wondering how common or uncommon physical testing before diagnosis is . In my case there was no physical testing done before a diagnosis was made and i have never heard yet of anyone who has had testing done so what has your experience been with your diagnosis and what tests if any have you had done ? blood tests, EEGs, CT scans, PET scans and MRIs exc …

I took blood tests and two MRIs.

Already replied to you about this

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MRI on my brain, a LOT of blood tests. Talk to a neurologist.

that sounds like a good idea just not sure how difficult it would be to get to a neurologist i think you need a referral to be able to see a specialist and if a diagnosis has already been made already not sure if one would do that

Epilepsy can mimic sz. Neurologists check you for EP. Your pdoc cand send you to a neurologist.


I have had 2 eegs.

yes if he is willing to refer for some testing that would be great

I took an EEG for a symptom once. It came out negative. It turned out the symptom was a hallucination. I also had an MRI done. It too was negative, except for maybe something insignificant in the prefontal lobe. These tests after years of suffering. I get blood tests every year for negative effects of my medication. When I went orthomolecular in 1981, I got a lot of testing done, mainly for vitamin and mineral stuff in my body.

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I just did an MRI. I did some other blood tests and got really low on iron and B12. there was nothing in my brain but I took about 1 year of iron and B12.

My parents told me they thought I had hypothyroidism, I told them it was a lifelong problem…I think that made them upset.

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I had a brain MRI and some blood tests.

Othomolecular… Did that work?

Blood tests, MRI, eye exam

I have had three CT scans, 2 MRIs of the brain, multiple blood tests, a full day of neurological testing, the Rosarch ink blot test and I have taken the MMPI-2 three times. I get an EKG once a year for being on Geodon.

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Don’t think I ever had any tests - aside from routine bloods. Certainly no mri of eeg. Are you supposed to get those?

Bloods & OBS done to get a bassline before I started AP’s.

I also had a ECG done to check my heart as I was experiencing palpitations, because of the trauma caused by the psychosis.

I had a CAT scan done a decade before I technically became ill (although I was already having problems) and at the time they thought my brain was normal. I’ve never had a physical test that I know the results of concerning my schizophrenia since then.

No. Not at all.

Now, this week, I have done some genetic testing with Genesight to find out what is the best medication, what is just okay and what not to take.