What photo would you send to the person you hate the most?

Day treatment programs, peer coaching programs, case management, group homes, nursing homes, humane society, Hawaii Literacy, vocational rehab, the Democratic Party, team treehouse and edx, community colleges, shelters, hospital employees (except those who were forced to join), therapists, receptionists, bank tellers, and basically anyone who works in the private sector:



And just keep adding up photos until you make enough money to rescue all the yin yang inhabitants lol.

And if anyone enjoys fantastic four, I’ll be adding that to my personal collection though exhibits are open to the public with a fee, of course lol. Rest is up for grabs :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, I forgot the Neon Trees. Guess @anon39054230 can have it.

What’s wrong with you @anon62973308?

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I’d photoshop his mom doing a dog and the caption would read: “Your mother is getting the best out of the deal. That dog could do a lot better anywhere else in the world.”

Well, I hate taking seflies.

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Ding ding ding!!! ^.^ correct answer!! :slight_smile:

So do I win a trip to the Steinbeck Center here or what?

Have fun with your puppy if you’re so desperate for attention.

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Awww how nice of you.

Does wittle Tukey need a selfie? Awww… How nice. :grin:

Personal birthday gift to my cousin for letting me pick on him. :wink:

Just give me a hoodie and people will ■■■■ themselves while I sing a lullaby… like… Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult… in the dark… Ooooh… needs more cowbell lol.

For my Hakka family. And I’ll just casually “forget” my dad’s family. Lololololol

Wait I took this photo too.

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Neato… have you seen the walls near Iraq and Iran? There’s this thing carved into a cliff side with many a tunnel. It really is neat.

Watch it! Sailor moon might “get” you :joy:

Don’t worry i’ll just put on a Tuxedo and call the carebears. They’ll be like, "Heart!’ and Captain Planet will ■■■■ a meteor.

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Yes. 151515151515

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“Slash” I choose you!