What pharmacy do you use?

I use CVS now and never have a problem anymore. Thank god for Medicare.

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Kaiser. I’m on my parents plan as long as I am a student

RiteAid, its the only pharmacy within a forty mile radius that carries my meds, and they are awesome, they deliver my meds when my script is due. And that isn’t even an actual service from them its just one of the pharmacy ladies being really nice and using her lunch break to drop off my meds.

Walgreens. Theyre pretty good but its the insurance companies that suck

Walgreens. I used to use the one in my doctor’s office, but it’s all the way across town and has pretty limited hours.

Walgreens they mail me my meds every month

Cvs :robot::spy:

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I use Costco, because it is the cheapest where I live.