What other Pandemic situations have you been through in your lifetime or if you know of any

Has anybody lived through another pandemic or what are some more pandemics that have happened on this earth.

I thought at first the world wars were pandemics, but the world wars didn’t effect every nation though. What do you think? I think that the smaller countries didn’t effected and the tribes that are in the jungles, and I believe that some of the countries is Africa didn’t get effected either. I’m still not positive about that. What do you think?

The definition of pandemic means world wide epidemic. Wars aren’t disease as such although they are called a nation in psychosis. This is the only time in our lifetime there has been a pandemic.

Polio was prevalent when I was a kid. So they started vaccinations. There have been cholera and typhoid. Diseases from mosquitoes like malaria. Then the sprayed ddt on wet lands. Influenza until they found flu shots. They have taken their share of lives. And what about measles. You probably know the story.

Ebola is more dangerous than corona.

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