What one piece of wisdom would you pass on to tohers

what one piece of wisdom would you pass on to others




to thine own self be true. can’t remember where I heard that.

hindsight is 20/20. meaning you can always see the right thing to have been done when it’s already past the event.


Accept yourself, and accept change-- especially to yourself.


If you make a mistake, so what? Try to learn and live.

"To thine own self be true comes from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.


Just one? I once saw an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation called “The Game:”

In it, one of the characters indicated that they had collected about 100 or so ‘Laws,’ or tidbits of wisdom about life.

When I was recovering from my second (and hopefully last) episode of psychosis, I started making a list of 100 bits of wisdom for myself, like that character. I call them rules. The list has evolved over the years.

I can’t share the whole list here, or people in my personal life who have learned pieces of the list could figure out that I was once diagnosed as schizophrenic. If I share rule number 0 or rule number 1, the same thing could happen.

How about I share a version of the most recent rule I’ve added:

Dig for wisdom as for hidden treasure.

I am an agnostic, but I stole that one from Proverbs 2:2-4.


Be yourself whatever that may be

Understand that life is Suffering and ALL of them suffer (This one is from Buddha)…Some people display it others are better at hiding it.

Know the law, your rights, and your surroundings.


“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

“If I have to give my life, you can have it.”

I like this one better: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, unless it blows your right arm off. Which stinks, and not only because you can only do half as many push-ups, but also because it knocks that wonderful, uplifting saying right on its butt.” - Paraphrasing a post on an old forum I once visited.

How about this one instead: “Unpleasant experiences that don’t permanently damage you can sometimes be seen as good practice.” What do you think?

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hard question that,

i don’t really know


I like it, but my damage is permanent.

Hmmm. Maybe we could shorten it, and some of the possibilities related to permanent damage could be covered by the ‘sometimes:’

Unpleasant experiences can sometimes be seen as good practice.

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Much better. I would agree with that completely.

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Can you elaborate on that? One of my rules was once related to ignorance of the law, but I replaced it. The laws in the U.S. are so complex and numerous that a general rule like ‘know the law’ seems undoable.

“With So Many Laws, We Could All Be Felons”

“Stephen L. Carter is a … professor of law at Yale University.”

Proper spelling is a GOOD thing…just kidding karl.I would say"The force is with you" no matter what your belief or lack of.

You don’t have to memorize all the laws, even the police have to look things up.

It is probably better to understand why the laws are made to make it easier, and most laws pertain to public safety. Keeping the environment safe.
No hitting others, no acting reckless around others, no stealing from others…

In a nutshell, “Don’t hurt others” is the basis for most laws.

Know your rights.
Such as being asked by a policeman “Is it okay if we search your vehicle?”

Answer is always “No”

If they could do it without your consent legally, they wouldn’t be asking, now would they.

Police: “Why not? Do you have something illegal in your vehicle?”

Answer is “No” (and that better be the truth)

Police: “Then why wont you let me look in your vehicle? Why do you say no?”

Answer is: “Because I can”

Police: “oooh, somebody knows their rights!”

and in an ideal world, they go away.

In my world, they get pissed because I’m right, and 5150 me to the local mental hospital for 3 exciting days.


Just to elaborate on what I said, for me its the feeling of being the only one that feels the way I do that makes things unbearable.When I come here and see that some have the same problem and some with the same dedelusions I feel so much better.

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