What next . .

What’s next? Are you doing okay or do you hope for a better future? What are you doing to meet your goals of living the life you want as best you can?

I’ve come along well so far and realize that it’s I that am the problem no matter where I go but I still plot in my head and usually go round and round , unsure of any more moves but just sitting in the apt is dreadfully boring and hard to do nothing - I thought travel might be good - That it might be good to live in a place where people were doing stuff outside and I could walk around and site see maybe just be another human being - I feel very isolated right now and this has got to change

All I want is peace of mind. I’ve pretty much given up on “external” goals.

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I’m just about at the point where my inner issues are fixed. My SZ is almost totally resolved. Only thing left is arthritis.

That’s not hard to resolve, just have to stop eating wheat and keep up with Glutamine supplementation. Maybe tone down the dairy too.

Just being stupid with my diet. Ate a bunch of naan bread recently. Obvious joint pain flareup after.

After that, I just have to grind some kind of work thing and balance it out with maintaining my SZ treatment blog / book / PEMF machine side business.

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I think the grass is greener on the other side and my life could be better

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I have alittle arthiritis but diabetes will be my worst foe

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I’m doing ok and I hope for a better future. I’m trying to not get covid this flu season. I also have some small stock investment plans for what I think will be a market dip soon.

I’m 61 years old and just trying to hang in there with independent living. I now have arthritis in my left hip and knee, and it’s getting difficult to walk.

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