What name should delusions be called?

I prefer the name ”unusual beliefs”


I think I prefer delusions because sometimes unusual beliefs don’t necessarily mean delusions.


I prefer that term too. One word i cant stand is “Schizo”. I cringe when i see it on here. I prefer the term schizophrenia sufferer. Being called a “schizo” to me is like calling a person of colour the N Word.


What do they mean to u then

They mean delusions. Unusual beliefs can also be supertisions that even “normies” have

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Delusions should be called delusions.

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With conspiracy theories running rampant in the world, there are millions of people with unusual beliefs.

I prefer to call what I go through as delusional.
Sounds more clinical.


I don’t think sane people believe in conspiracies

They should be called delusions


There are millions of delusional people too

No there aren’t.
The word delusional is overused by normies.

0.4% of the population has sz approx

Thats millions of delusional people

When you put it like this then yes.
But most people are not delusional.


I’m not really too fussed but if I had to choose I’d say unusual belief. Delusional some people use in a derogatory way. So I don’t need that.

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@anon83141956. You can have unusual beliefs and not be delusional! It’s like if you believe in a god that I don’t I can say you have an unusual belief but you’re not delusional (just an example I mean no harm by this example)


A delusion is not necessarily a belief. I once had the delusion that all the characters on the show were directly addressing me. Yes I believed they were addressing me but the delusion itself is not necessarily the belief. Another example is a delusion of grandeur. Someone who has this might think they are someone great and they may not completely believe it and be aware they are suffering but the delusion is persistent anyway.

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