What my psychiatrist told me

My psychiatrist told me that I have disorganized schizophrenia.
With effort and luck I can be at the 25% of people who recover completely. He told me that I will not be disabled.

At the recovery stage which I am, I made a clinical recovery. I am in remission for 3 years.This means I don’t have possitive symptoms and negative are minimal.

He told me that he wants me productive and he gave an example of his past experience. He told me that when his father died he remained occupied to pass the grief. So I must remain occupied is the conclusion.

And here we are with some questions.
What the hell means to be productive when you have this illness?
From the beginning I wanted to learn things for independent living like ironing.
Now I can cook, iron, clean, make groceries, socialize a little(I made a new friend) and study to a culinary school to become a pastry chef.
I don’t have my full capacity of functioning. Socialization drains me and when I have to produce a cake for example fatigue makes my whole body suffer with stiffness and joint pains which makes the experience bad and I don’t get sattisfaction for my accomplishment.
After 5 years of recovery I feel drained,negative, and giving up. I don’t know. At the beginning of the summer I was feeling hopeless.

How can I keep be productive after all this.


do you think like any other illness it can change?

He may have wanted to tell you it’s not as big as you’re imagining.

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More questions for you p/doc, next time you see him make sure you ask him your most important questions and I am sure you have a lot x

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