What my nurse said

I was talking to the nurse who gives me my monthly injection and she always asks me how I’m doing and how I’m feeling. She’s really nice and helpful and she asked me if any medication was working OK and if I ever missed doses. I told her I miss about two doses every three weeks. She exclaimed, “Wow, that’s pretty good that you take it so regularly.”

I thought she was going to get on my case for missing too many doses but apparently I can miss a couple of doses every now and then and still be seen as very compliant. I’m just telling you my experience, it may be a different case for your situation depending on your medication and how much you’re supposed to take. It’s just I always see the threads on here about whether missing doses is OK and I miss doses a lot (or so I thought) and it’s a relief to know I can miss a dose every now and then with no harm, it may be different for you.


She’s just a nurse though. Not a psychiatrist.


My DR told me not to freak out over a missed dose because it stays in your system for awhile.


True, but she works in my psychiatrists office and I figure she must pick up some knowledge over the years.

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True it’s called a “half life”

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